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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2021 5:38 am    Post subject:

Yes, you continue to pay Ebay for the service they provide enabling you to sell your items to customers. The items don't appear on their site unless you decide to list them, I don't see any change to that aspect.

It's been rolling out in the United Kingdom for quite a few months now, and I presume they implemented it first in America, but I don't know for sure, the cost of postage prohibits me buying much from over there these days.
PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2021 4:46 am    Post subject: Ebay new payment procedures

No dear, we are not suppliers of Ebay. We are customers and pay them for a b2b service. Ebay does not sell the old watch I have repaired. I sell this old watch with ebay's help and visibility.
That's what I signed for. I don't want Ebay to sell "in front of me". It's absolutely different.
And yes, the new system totally shunts Paypal and pollutes my family bank account with small bank transfers every 2 or 3 days.

Yes Paypal has the right to charge back sellers but the new Ebay system charges an additional constant fee of 20 euros for dealing the dispute. This will encourage non honest buyers to wave dispute opening as a threat.

And finally, yes, only Mario will be able to see if this "new deal" has consequences is bidding volumes.

I add that I don't know exactly the calendar followed by Ebay to spread its new system. France and Italy is in the eye of the storm now.
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I would assume that the money not available in your Paypal account is instead available in your bank account ?

Sellers have always been suppliers of product via the Ebay interface, I don't understand the distinction you are trying to make here, perhaps you could explain in more detail ?

Paypal has had the power to charge back sellers for the cost of lost disputes for quite a while, hasn't it ?

I understand sellers no longer have access to buyers email addresses, is this what you think degrades the relationship ? I think this is quite likely something Paypal will remove access to at some stage anyway, due to extended privacy regulations with respect to internet trading.

I understand that if the costs of trading are increased by Ebay that is a disincentive for sellers, especially if they can find a cheaper alternative that does not decrease their overall income from selling, do you think such alternatives are now emerging ?

It's possible that due to other factors in the sniping arena, Gixen may still be growing in relation to other sniping tools, while the whole market is decreasing, but in any case Mario is the only one that has access to this kind of data. I could understand if it was regarded as commercially sensitive though.
PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2021 3:29 am    Post subject: sellers are also buyers

Sellers are also buyers. If I have no money in my paypal account, I will not bid.
With this new system, we (sellers) are no longer customers of Ebay but we are now simple suppliers (same system as Amazon).
It means there are no more relationships between buyers and sellers.
It means that Ebay has full power to retrieve money from your bank account in case of dispute.
It means that Ebay charges the seller of 20 euros for any dispute opened by a buyer.
In France, it triggers a revolution and we (buyers/sellers aka collectors) are deleting all our listings.
I am quite interested to know if this trend can be seen in statistics thru third party tools as Gixen.
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It's not much different for buyers though, which are the majority of Gixens' users.

Why is it a problem for sellers ?

What are they doing about it, are they selling more elsewhere instead ?
PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2021 12:06 am    Post subject: New Ebay payment system in France (and elsewhere)

Hi there,
Ebay is spreading over its new payment system (no longer money to your seller paypal account). It's just spreading over like the red martian weed in the War of Worlds....
French sellers are very worried about that.
Do you notice a slow down of your gixen bids ?
Mario, if you're reading this post : Did you notice a statistic change concerning the bids coming from France or other "spoiled" countries ?

Kisses from France where cafés are re-opening today !!

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