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Yes, the warning only applies to items within the same group, which is when you don't want to win them all.

The process of entering your bid starts up to two minutes before the bid is actually required to be placed. If you win an auction during that time there may not be enough time to cancel that process to make sure you don't win the auction as well. Often it is possible to cancel it though so you may get away with adding items to groups that end within two minutes of each other, but there are no guarantees this will be the case.

Another related warning is that you should not alter any snipe within the last two minutes of the auction, this also applies to adding new snipes or deleting them that late. That's because since the process has started for placing the bid there may not be enough time to cancel the old snipe and replace it with the new one, or start the whole process from scratch with less than two minutes to perform the whole process.

There is no issue with entering as many snipes as you like that end close to each other, or at exactly the same time when you do want to win them all (so long as you do so more than two minutes before they end).
PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2021 10:42 pm    Post subject: BIDDING ON AUCTIONS WITH ENDING TIMES WITHIN TWO MINUTES

I know I read about this on this website a while back. I have clicked on everything and came up with one comment saying if you bid on two auctions ending within two minutes, you may end up winning them both. I just need to make sure I understand the two-minute rule.... I have been under the impression that if I placed bids on items ending within two minutes of each other, I may not win either as they could cancel each other out. Or they just wouldn't go through. Reading this statement tells me I can place as many bids as I want that are ending at the same time or within two minutes and I may win them all. Not that I won't win any. There are many times I deliberately did not place bids thinking they would cancel each other out. I would normally want to win them all! If I did not, I would put the bids in groups to cancel all bids after winning the first one. Is that where your warning comes in, if you place two items in a group that ends at the same time, you may win them both? Just want to be clear as I obviously remembered what I'd read completely wrong! Thanks!

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