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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2022 4:04 am    Post subject:

Gixen needs time to schedule a bid before it is placed, that's not an instantaneous process.

So, anything within 2 minutes of the auction end is very risky and it's unlikely that Gixen will be able to place the bid.

There is a warning about this on the FAQ page, which I recommend that everyone read in full at least once.

This warning used to also be on the snipes page, but it looks like it's been removed in recent years.

If you are leaving things as late as the last 5 minutes, as you suggest, you are better off placing those bids manually, directly on the Ebay site.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2022 5:07 pm    Post subject: Question about adding an item with 1 min before action end

I have a question about adding an item at the last minute to be sniped. (I trust gixen to do the bid more than me menually entering the bid).

There was an auction with 1 minute to go when I added it to gixen to bid on it.

I got a message "This snipe may have been entered too late into Gixen and may not be executed."

After it showed that the snipe was 'SCHEDULED'. If it is 'SCHEDULED', plus there is still time left, e.g. 60 seconds left for a snipe that is supposed to be placed 5 seconds before, does that mean it should bid, or is there still a chance it wouldn't because I added it too close to the end time?

For this item, gixen did put in the bid successfully, but just seeing that message made me nervous and want to do a manual bid instead.
In future, if 'SCHEDULED' means it is OK, then I can relax.


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