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The easiest way is to have an Ebay account that has a shipping address in the country that the auction is listed in.

You might find more help available on the Ebay forums since this is a block that is implemented on the Ebay side, Gixen just reflects the response it gets back when it tries to submit the bid for you.

Another approach you can take is to place a low opening bid on the item before you set up your snipe and then when you find your bid is blocked work with the seller at that stage to try to enable you to place that first bid. Then it would only be worthwhile scheduling snipes for auctions that you already know Ebay accepts bids on. If, using that approach, you do ever find that Gixen is still blocked when you were able to place a manual bid, that is something Mario can work with to see if there any changes that can be made on the Gixen side that Ebay can suggest to enable such bids to be accepted by their software, so those are definitely worth reporting here.

The approach that I personally take is only ever to search for items on my home site, even when I'm searching the whole world, that way I don't come up against these issues as I never seem to see any auctions that I can't bid on. I guess as an extension to that, once you have found an item via another site, you could try searching for it via your home site, and if you can't easily find it that way (without using the auction number) that's a fair indication that your bid might get blocked.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2023 9:51 pm    Post subject: unable to bid eBay item number:185918812206

I have a question.
I'm using gixen's snipe bidding.
Several times I have been the highest bidder and
"Auction Restricted: Shipping Address Country Restricted"
I was unable to bid with such a message.
I want to know why
All sellers say that they can ship to Japan.
Even if I ask the seller, they say they don't know.
Please tell me how to solve this problem.
best regards

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