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Oh yeah, simpler than I thought Very Happy

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All Gixen does is place your bid; eBay's automatic bidding system takes over from the there. In your example, Gixen will place your bid of $250 six seconds before the auction ends.

If $200 is the actual amount of the winning bid, you will win for $202.50 (one bid increment higher than $200, see ).

There is one caveat: the amount of the winning bid is determined by the second highest bid. So, the bidder winning for $200 could have placed a bid much higher; for example, he could have bid $275, in which case he would win for $255.

In any case, all Gixen does is place your bid seconds before the auction ends and eBay's bidding system takes it from there, as explained at
PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2009 2:31 pm    Post subject: How Gixen works with automatic bid from eBay


Firstly, I would like to congratulates the devellopers of this great tool Wink

But I've a question about the functionning of Gixen in case of automatic bid from eBay.

For instance, there is an item at 200$ and my maximum bid in Gixen is 250$.
Gixen will try to put the price above 200$ (let say 205$).
But what will Gixen do if an other member putted 245$ as maximum bid in eBay ?

Gixen will make an higher bid several times until there are no more automatic bid from eBay (and of course until the price il less than my maximum bid in Gixen) ?

So five secondes is enough to outbid several times... ?

Thx for your response and I apologize for my English Wink


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