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Thanks for the excellent, and timely replies
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In the first case, your max bid was 11.50, but even if it were 12.00, you still must meet the minimum bid increment rule, so it has to be 12.00 + increment.

In the second case, the bid was blocked by ebay. I checked the response page, and it says "Sorry, this item may no longer be available.". I do not know why this bid was blocked by ebay. It's possible that seller placed some restriction on who can bid.
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US 130316305551 my max $12 it was wone by someone else for $12

UK ebay 380134132890 my max was 17 pounds
won for 10.50
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A clear explanation of this can be found in the FAQ at

FAQ wrote:
What currency are my bid amounts in Gixen?

Bid amounts are always in the currency in which the auction was listed. Thus, if the current bid in the auction shows as GBP 1.50, then entering a bid of 3.00 in Gixen would mean that Gixen would bid GBP 3.00.

If you post the auction numbers, we can look at them to see what happened. If, in addition, you post (or email to <>) your eBay username, Mario can check Gixen's logs.
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It's quite unlikely that this is what happened - the current price must have been higher. What is the item number?

Gixen always bids in the currency of the auction, your location is irrelevant.
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What currency is bid amount in
I live in Canada and bid $12 for a $9.95 item it said at end of auction
bid under asking price

Another time I bid on UK ebay and that went wrong with bid amount

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