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Well now.

Happy 11th anniversary to you, Mario, and to the Gixen service you've so expertly created for us. Thank you!

And thanks for the history! I enjoyed reading it.

And, of course, I've immensely appreciated using Gixen personally for over ten years. It's simply the best.
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Gixen was launched at the beginning of August of 2006. I started it out of frustration with auctionsniper. My initial idea was to make a sniping tool just for myself, but once I was done I realized I should offer it to everyone, and offer it for free.

I found the record of the "virtual dedicated server" I ordered from serveraxis on Aug 3rd, 2006, at the price of $30/month. This is what Gixen started on, and even on that machine it was better and more reliable than the competitors, mostly because backend used no scripting at all - all the code was in C, and as fast and efficient as possible. The only libraries used were libCurl and database CLI.

I never saved the information about the first user who used Gixen, and I don't think it was a winning snipe. I do know, however, the first Gixen user I communicated with some time mid-August 2006, he is still a Gixen user and is from Dominican Republic.

Needless to say, Gixen gained in popularity quickly, but not as quickly as one would expect. There are still users who believe "you get what you pay for", and they feel they are getting a better service if they pay more. I know that this is not always true, in this case definitely not, but that's how many people think.
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Happy Anniversary, John !

As you say, we must have been here a bit longer since we were not permitted to have registered Community accounts for a while after Mario registered his. There was only a short period when we were able to do it ourselves.

Plus, as you say, a belated Happy Anniversary to Mario and Gixen, he registered his Community account on 03 Oct 2006, though I suspect the Community itself didn't exist for a while after Gixen first went live so it probably started even earlier than that.
PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:04 am    Post subject: 10 Years: Happy Anniversary, Mark!

As you pointed out over at , today marks the ten year anniversary of our registration on this forum. So, happy anniversary, Mark!

It also means that Gixen has been around for over ten years and is a testament to its success. Perhaps Mario will come along and and tell us when Gixen first went live so we can thank him for his work over so many years building Gixen into the best sniping service on the planet.

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