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PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:14 am    Post subject:

Very good. Thanks for letting us know.

Mario will transfer your Mirror subscription to your new Gixen account when he gets the chance.
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Funny, I was just looking at my account settings, and saw the link/unlink buttons, and was considering trying that. Thanks for the suggestion.

So, I did as you said. Now, when I log into Gixen, it shows my correct ebay name at the top. (andrewb.(0)). I have not tried any snipes yet, so I cannot confirm it is working, but it does look like it is linked now.

If that has corrected it, the remaining issues are that I would need the mirror service transferred to this account (as it is not currently there), and to know what happened to the two auctions in question. (Just mentioning here, for Mario's purposes). I appreciate the support.
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OK, try this.

Go to your Gixen settings page by clicking the [Settings] button at the top of your Gixen account page.

Unlink the erroneously linked eBay account by following the Unlink eBay account link.

Then, re-authorize Gixen on your (correct) eBay account by following the Re-authorize Gixen on your eBay account. When you are directed to eBay to do this, be sure to use your correct eBay credentials.

If that works for you (or if it doesn't), please return and post to let us know. In any case, we'll need Mario to look up what happened with those auctions.
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Hi Mark,

No, the account name is not my correct one with a few characters obscured. My old gixen login name was my ebay name (andrewb., with the period). Gixen would not let me log in using that name anymore, so I followed the instructions, and created a new account with the name andrewb (no period). (For reference, the process did seem to not work smoothly at the time, so it's possible I may have ended up doing something wrong.) But the name shown when I log in is the random one mentioned above.

If I try to log in using my old login (i.e., my ebay name), it gives me the message, "Please sign up first at You cannot any longer log in with your eBay username and password, now you need to sign up and get Gixen username and password." (Which may be how I ended up with two accounts, if that is in fact what happened.)

I'll email Mario as you instructed. I think I have included all of the info you requested in this post, for Mario's purposes. Thanks for the help.

Also (and I'll mention this here for Mario, when he reads it), I'm interested to know who actually won the auctions that Gixen said I won, but ebay says I did not. The obscured winner names on the ebay listings do not match the random one shown in the Gixen account, so I suspect I (or my potential second account) did not actually win them, but clarification on that point will be helpful. For reference, the two listings were 382193383025 and 222608270579.

Thanks again,
PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:43 am    Post subject:

Hi Andy,

The display of your Ebay id is now supposed to be partially obscured, as you suggest. So is b***377.6zqjr your Ebay id with the second to forth characters replaced with * ? If so, that is all good.

Some users seem to have somehow managed to create two separate Gixen accounts, during the switch over, perhaps this is what has happened for you too... and if your Mirror subscription has transferred to the one you are not using now, that might explain the lack of that service on this account.

In order for Mario to sort this out, for you, please email him at the support address given on the Contact tab above, from the email account you have registered against your Gixen id. In that email please reference this thread, so that he can pick up your example Ebay auction id from here, and answer your query on a way that helps the whole community... and in addition include both your Gixen id and your Ebay id.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:18 am    Post subject: Problems with new gixen

Hi Mario and all,

I've been having issues since the switchover, and need some help, as my account is not working properly.

I was a happy Gixen mirror subscriber before the switch, and now my account does not seem to work, even though I followed the instructions for creating a new account, etc. The Mirror service also did not switch over. Also, when I log in, my new username does not appear (it says 'b***377.6zqjr (0)' instead, where it used to have my old ebay username.)

Also, I tried setting up two snipes, which gixen said I won, but ebay says I lost. The new account just doesn't appear to be linked to my actual ebay account, though I followed the gixen instructions, and gixen said I was all set. One of the auctions was 222608270579 (Gravitar XY board), and I forget the other at the moment, as I cannot see my gixen history. I would also like to know who won these, as it appears I did, but the account is not linked to me, so I cannot pay.

Please advise.


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