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As an addendum, if you were able to log in to your other Gixen account (which is probably still linked to your Mirror subscription) then you'd probably be able to get everything to work by at most unlinking/re-authorizing Gixen on your eBay account as discussed in the previous thread

Of course, it's likely that your access to that other Gixen account has been broken (which seems to be what has happened to some other users during Gixen's transition). In that case, emailing Mario as suggested above is the only recourse.
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Please email Mario at the support address (found by clicking the [Contact] tab at the top of the Gixen homepage). Be sure to include your Gixen username and the email you used to register on Gixen.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:42 am    Post subject: not recognized as subscrber

Having loved and supported Gixen for years, now is awful. I went through process of making Gixen account and password a while ago, but today had to do it all over again, and have lost history as it does not recognize me as a subscriber. I have subscribed and even donated in the past out of great appreciation. May have ended up with two accounts as mentioned in some posts here. Other username was ebabyboomer. Please advise or transfer subscription so I can view history.

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