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Yes, we all have. I put auctions I'm going to snipe on my eBay watchlist, which allows me to satisfy my curiosity with up-to-the-second information any time I wish.

Ramona's point is that your bid should not depend on such information. The proper way to bid is to bid once with the maximum amount you'd be willing to pay. This is what eBay recommends on their bidding overview page.

The extra value that entering your bid using a sniping service such as Gixen (or, sniping manually) provides is preventing anyone from probing your bid since the auction will end seconds after your bid is placed. If you bid as recommended by eBay (and us), your chances of winning at a price you're happy with are very high.
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Haven't you ever been curious how the bidding is going?
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There's a link to Gixen Desktop Manager at the bottom left of the Gixen home page. As far as I know, it only works under Microsoft Windows and is not available on Apple devices.

This all begs the question of why you want to know what the current price of the item is, as it shouldn't in any way affect the amount at which you choose to place your snipe bid.
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Can you use it on an iPad?
PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:24 am    Post subject: Count down

Thanks for your answer. How do I learn more about the Desktop Manager.?
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This is one of the most often asked questions here.

It is normal operation for the price displayed here to lag the price on Ebay, this is because price updates are only done periodically, not in real time. They occur more frequently the closer we get to the end of the auction.

This field is for information only, it does not affect the sniping process at all.

It is not possible to implement real time price updates, the resources required are simply too large to justify the costs that would be incurred in implementing it.

If this is important to you then I suggest investigating the use of the Gixen Desktop Manager, because the unique function of that is to provide you with a configurable price update mechanism. In order to provide that it uses the resources of your own computer, not the Gixen servers.
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I've noticed the same problem, cannot trust the value and have to keep checking the true amount and increasing the snipe.


22 h, 3 m, 31 s 4.25 2.20 GBP SCHEDULED actual GBP 17.
PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:23 pm    Post subject: Current bid does not change

When I hit the import gixen tab the time left changes but the current bid does not change. Is this ok?

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