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Thanks guys, makes perfect sense.
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The larger offset is the one most likely to be successful on Ebay...

So 8 seconds is the offset you would most likely see for your bids... at 6 seconds the other server is later to attempt to place your bid... Since Ebay does not allow you to place the same bid at two different times, it is most likely that the second, later, bid will be blocked, so that 6 second offset is only relevant if for some reason the earlier 8 second offset bid fails to get through to Ebay.
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You've actually explained it perfectly. With your settings, the mirror site will send your bid at 6 seconds and the main site will send your bid at 8 seconds. Thus, if one of the bids fails to make it to ebay, the other one should.

That's all there is to it, really. Your bid is sent from two distinct servers with the timing determined by how you set the offsets.
PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:26 pm    Post subject: Not Sure I Understand Mirror Site

This is a fantastic piece of software, I use it all the time and just upgraded to the paid account.

I don't think I totally understand how the system works especially in regards to the Mirror Site functionality.

Does this mean a bid will be sent from the Main site and Mirror site so it will go to ebay twice? Or does one supersede the other and only really helpful in case one server has an issue, it's more of a failsafe.

Based on some settings I read on I have my mirror at 6 second offset and my main at an 8 second offset. I am assuming the bids will hit ebay at the mirror offset at 6 seconds unless it fails to communicate, the main would come in at 8 seconds and do nothing unless the other server sent at 6 seconds fails.

I am a bit confused, anyone out there can help?



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