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Friendly reminder to all new users: Please click on the FAQ button at the top of any page. From the FAQ:

"Do you support group bids?

Yes. Group bids can be used for items that do not have end times within 2 minutes of each other. Be careful not to group items too close to each other by end time, or you might win all of them.

In addition there are two more types of groups available only to mirror subscribers: contingency groups and multi-win groups. Contingency groups are opposite of normal groups: the first lost item cancels all the others in the same group. Multi-win groups are like regular groups, but allow you to specify more than one item to win: e.g. you can win 2, 3 or more items before the remaining items in the same groups are canceled."

For most people group bidding is used to automate the process of placing bids on multiple listings for the same item. Once the first item in that group is won the rest of the snipes are canceled in the group. If you are outbid and do not win the first listing bidding will continue for the remaining items. And so on until you either win a listing in the group, or you lose at all the listings.

The most fundamental misunderstanding seems to be that group bidding is not a way to organize your snipes into separate groups, like "bids for Mom" is group 1, bids for my GF" is group 2 etc. It's a function that affects how bids are placed - not a function of organization. At least not in that manner.
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How groups work is briefly explained on your Gixen [Settings] page. Here is the explanation taken from there.

Multi-win groups allow you to win more than one item per group (for example 2 out of 5). Enable this feature only if you fully understand this. Do not change group settings if you have active group snipes, as this may result in an unexpected behaviour. This feature is available to Gixen mirror subscribers only.

The only additional thing you should be aware of is that the auction end times should be at least 2 minutes apart; otherwise, Gixen may not have enough time to cancel the next bid after you've won the specified number of items in a group.

Contingency group bidding is also possible, and is briefly explained in the Settings page. I would recommend avoiding the use of contingency groups, at least until after you're comfortable with normal multi-win groups.
PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:28 pm    Post subject: Information and How To's for Groups

Where can I found information on how to use groups and/or best practices for them? I have seen some discussion but not a clear explanation of how to use or best practices. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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