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#5 is auction tampering. The whole point of scheduling your bid on Gixen is to keep it hidden from other bidders until it is placed during the last few seconds of the auction. It may be a "convenience" for a Gixen user with a lower bid scheduled to be notified that they'll be outbid, but the Gixen user with the higher scheduled bid would see it quite differently. They would view it as giving the lower bidder inside information that they didn't authorize Gixen to provide. Even if eBay were to allow it, doing this would quickly evaporate Gixen's loyal userbase for the reason just given.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:56 pm    Post subject: ReL features

I saw in another thread that they don't want to do #5 as they claim ebay may see it as auction tampering. IMHO given no bids are placed yet, I don't see that but I believe they are vetted by ebay so they have to stay in their good side.

The rest would still be a very slick upgrade. Things are functional without them but adding them would make for a very polished client.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:29 pm    Post subject: I like some of these ideas!

I was thinking of suggesting #2 already! Now I want about all of these features! Laughing
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:58 pm    Post subject: A few ideas

A few ideas that might be cool. These all refer to the desktop manager client..

1) Make the field widths you drag them to stick. It is annoying having to resize them all the time.

2) Make the fields sortable by clicking on the field name. It would be nice to be able to sort by say the current bid for example.

3) Have sub bid groups that share a constant max bid. If you have bids out on say 15 things and want to up or down your max bid, to be able to add them all to say bid group 1A and only need to change the big amount once. Editing any filed would allow you to change the max bid for the group or change the group the item is in or take it out of any grouping.

4) Have a refresh button so you can see the results hit the server they way you thought they would right away. (refresh your view on all your items)

5) Just a convenience but if two gixon users are going to bid on the same item to let the lower bidder know he is outbid on gixen. Kind of a pre emptive letting you know you are going to loose on ebay.

Thanks for a great service!

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