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I will assume that you've previously used the free version of Gixen. Please post again if you haven't.

All you have to do is log in to your Gixen account like you did before. You will no longer experience the 60 second wait before you can access your account (which will probably be the most dramatic difference you'll notice). You also will no longer see a bunch of advertisements on your Gixen main page.

If you wish to probe further, click the Settings button near the top right of your Gixen main page and look through the available settings. You'll see that there are several settings only available to mirror subscribers. Of course, there's no need to set any of those to something different than the default unless you have a reason to, but they're there for you.

If it doesn't work for you like I've described, please email Mario directly at his support address by following the instructions on the Contact page. Be sure to give him your name, email address, and Gixen username and when you purchased your subscription so he can look it up.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:16 pm    Post subject: I bought the subscription

I bought the program. Now what do I do? Is this something that is going to be sent to me through the mail? or online? I paid the $6.00 but don't know how to get it. When I go to Gixen on my desktop it still has the two subscribe.
How do I access the purchased program?
Thank you.
Sandra Kohrt

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