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You are using at least two different Gixen usernames and 5 different ebay usernames in your bidding. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up bidding against yourself, but at the very least this results in the final status being misinterpreted when you change your ebay username and do not unlink / link your ebay account again from Gixen.

This is needed when you change your ebay username so that Gixen retrieves your current ebay username and is able to properly interpret the status.

Why would you change your ebay username so often?
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Normal operation would be 'Bid Under Asking Price' on the server with the smallest offset when the server with the largest offset reports 'Won'.

Perhaps a bit more investigation by the OP is required as you suggest... only Mario can investigate the logs, behind the scenes.

Yes, only Ebay can tell you how many unpaid item strikes you have registered against your account in the past year, Gixen doesn't even attempt to hold that kind of information about its users.
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Re: Auction 142799933212

Did you bother to refresh the gixen page before posting rant?

Are you a mirror subscriber?

If so what offsets did you set for both the main and mirror server?

Have you looked at both the main and mirror server tabs for this auction?

Does one server report WON and the other report OUTBID? That would be a normal condition for a mirrored bid.

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A seller determines if bids will be rejected due to unpaid items history on an eBay account - it has nothing to do with gixen.

If a seller has this option set for their auctions it is looking at a bidder's unpaid items history for an entire year prior to the current attempt to bid. If you had any unpaid item in your history in the last 12 months you still have a problem bidding on eBay.

If you believe that is an error on your eBay account you will have to bring this issue up with eBay. Why, I'm sure they have never heard this one before. Rolling Eyes

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Since you say that you lost out on the auction for item 142799933212 and Gixen reported that you were "outbid" when you should have won, it sounds like eBay blocked your bid. Is your bid recorded in the bidding history?

If Gixen is reporting that you have an unpaid item strike, it is simply reporting the message that eBay put up when Gixen attempted to bid for you. Gixen has no control over that, you'll have to contact eBay to straighten that out.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:34 am    Post subject: Says outbid but won & unpaid items when I have no strik

Getting REALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY tired of losing out on auctions cause your system is too stupid.

I dont have ANY unpaid items in my acct nor do I have ANY unpaid strikes against me. But yet your system isn't placing bids cause it's saying I do! That is false accusations called Slander!

Also, why is your system telling me "outbid" but then when I go on ebay I won the item?!?!?!

Just like I tell Facebook, whatever you did, undo it cause #UpdatesDontMeanBetter

"Unpaid item" # that says I have strikes even tho I dont...

"Outbid" but actually won

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