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This is not the first time that I've seen the sale of knives restricted on the internet... There are specific issues with complying with regulations in various jurisdictions that cause internet sellers and host providers some issues...

Therefore it might be relevant where your account is registered and so where Ebay expected you would want it sent if you were to have won it.
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eBay Trust & Safety Error Filter Id: <div> <div class="errPanel"><div class="panel-n"><div class="panel-e"><div class="panel-w"></div></div></div><

item id 223775621110

Can someone check why this has happened?
If you need additional information I can provide it.
Thank you in advance!
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Interesting. Yes, if eBay wants to pre-screen bidders for a particular high-value item before accepting their bids, then eBay should at least have that requirement displayed on the listing.
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Indeed, eBay wanted to give you a call before allowing you to place a bid. This request does not make much sense when sniping is used - there should be a way to resolve this ahead of time. I will discuss this with eBay to prevent this from happening in the future.
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Rick is absolutely right. Not surprisingly, sellers and eBay require more verification of bidder credentials on high value items.

One simple way to initiate this conversation with eBay is to make an early (and minimal) manual bid on the high value item you'd like to place a snipe on.

Then, you'll see the Trust & Safety message with time to take the necessary action to resolve the problem so that your snipe bid near the end of the auction will be accepted.
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Considering it's a Rolex with a closing bid of $10,100.00 that would likely be the key to your problem.

Bidding on high dollar items without banging into a "Trust & Safety" flag require very high eBay credentials. Things that can cause a problem are length of time being an eBay member (lack of it, that is), not having a linked PayPal account, not having any history of bidding on high dollar items etc.

Like John said, Mario can check on this end for more specifics/details about the Trust & Safety bid block delivered to Gixen, but if you plan on sniping high dollar items like this it may be time to have a chat with eBay to see what you can do to up your creds.

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There are various reasons why eBay would block your bid with this message. Here are links to three previous threads on this topic: (1), (2), (3).

The bottom line is that you'll have to straighten this out with eBay. Gixen has no control over whether or not eBay accepts your bid.

If you'd like to have Mario look up the transaction in the server logs, you can contact him directly using the instructions on the Contact page. Be sure to provide him your Gixen username and the eBay item number for the auction. It might also be helpful to provide him a link to this thread.
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Snipe fail with error message:

"eBay Trust & Safety Error Filter Id: <p> To ensure eBay remains a safe marketplace, we want to validate your identity before you purchase this item. Thank you for your understanding.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Please follow the direct

Why does it happen?

Ebay item ID: 153075165541

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