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Asking Gixen to bid on all the listings of a particular seller is asking Gixen to search for you. After all, that requires Gixen to collect all the listings from that seller and determine which bid to make.

What you can do is upload your snipes as a csv file. This option is available from your Gixen settings page (and is only available to mirror subscribers).
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I didn't mean to suggest that Gixen do my searching; just that I thought that there is a way to place bids on multiple items from a single ebay seller; in fact all of the items that a seller had to offer ;especially if they had a starting price of just one cent, because many times items do not receive any bids and the items were of great value, just that they did not have any viewers or people who just didn't purchase. Do I have to manually (copy) and enter each and every number sometimes dozens or even hundreds from a particular already takes Gixen a few seconds to register each snipe and I might forget some when I believe that all of a seller's listings can have an automatic bid placed on them. EBAY ITEM #401575303823 For example this seller has dozens of items starting at just one cent.Other seller have hundreds and even thousands.
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1. No, it's not possible to have Gixen search for items on eBay for you; eBay has all the search tools you would need to do that yourself.

2. If you had purchased a mirror subscription, you would not have had to wait for Gixen's 60-second delay when that set of Joe Dimaggio first day cover autographs came up.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:03 pm    Post subject: SATURATION BIDS ON A EBAY TO PLACE AT LEAST ONE CENT ON ALL

Yes, it's as strange as it may seem. Some ebay sellers start their auctions at one cent. is it possible to place an automatic bid of at least one penny on every one of the sellers items.? Some sellers sell hundreds of stamp items and magazine items at just a start price of one cent. Even if it's just one bid placed on the item, I win, but I don't want to search for everything that they have but am willing to pay the one cent if I am the only bidder. Is this possible.Some great items have been"given away" at very low prices because no one saw the item. speaking of great items, I had the chance of winning a Joe Dimaggio first day cover autographs,(assuming that it was legitimate and authentic, but Gixen had that one minute delay to sigh in and i couldn't get to it, and it sold for just $60, pretty mad at gixen about that!

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