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Based on Rick's experience, it sounds to me like there was a glitch in the log in process with PayPal. I doubt it has anything to do with the default funding source chosen for PayPal to use. My experience is that PayPal works fine regardless of the funding source (and even provides the opportunity to change the funding source if you've set up your PayPal account to have more than one source available).

Perhaps the programmers at PayPal "updated" their login software.
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I honestly don't know either - this is not something I control on my end, and I don't see why paypal would make an issue of what is used as a funding source. Maybe you can give them a call and find out.
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Thanks Rick,

I didn't respond to this one as I did not know the answer. Recurring payments are a relatively new option here on Gixen.
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No one replied to this one?

If you didn't get it sorted out yet try logging in to your PayPal account first, then click on whichever option you are using - link in an e-mail from gixen or from directly within your gixen settings page - and try again.

When I renewed the process didn't complete the first time - it just stopped after clicking on a link to pay and then PayPal asking me to log in. However once I logged in to PayPal first, then clicked on an e-mail link from gixen to pay, everything went fine. Besides paying, my mirror subscription info on gixen was updated pretty much immediately.

In for another two years! Very Happy


PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:55 am    Post subject: Gixen recurring with PayPal

I definitely understand the need to produce some income to keep the site up and running. I love Gixen and have used it great job. I went in to purchase the recurring mirror and attempted to use PayPal. It would not let me complete the transaction. It's linked to a bank account and not a credit card. Is that an issue for a recurring type payment? I do prefer to use PayPal where possible. Thanks so much.

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