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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:05 am    Post subject: First Impressions: I'm Lovin It!

I have been using another product for more years than I care to admit, and because of a major failure in service I decided to look around to find something more reliable. I found something that has been around a long time and is significantly better. My reason for switching came about less than a week ago when the sniping server of the competitive product I was using crashed and I lost out on bidding on an extremely rare, probably never see another one, item. My bid was intentionally set extremely high and ended up over 4 times higher than the high bid, so it is unlikely that I would have lost the bid. The price was set to win at all costs. However, the sniping tool I was using had NO backup server and therefore a bid was never placed. When I wrote to complain, I was told that the problem "may have been with ebay". So they would not even admit their screw up preferring instead to blame the ebay server, even though others on ebay had no trouble with the ebay server! They did seem to imply that others had similar issues, even being so magnanimous as to award me what amounted to $1.00 in credits. Whoopee! In a way, it has turned out OK as I now have a real sniping tool, with backup, GIXEN. I will never look back, Screw me once, shame on you... Thanks Gixen for a real rock solid sniping tool!

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