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The purpose of Gixen is to place your bid seconds before the auction ends on eBay. As you've observed, it is not part of Gixen's design criteria to monitor eBay auctions in real time. That would take too many resources for the Gixen servers to handle and would impair their ability to place bids.

If you wish to monitor auctions in real time, you could (1) put the items on your eBay watch list and monitor them from there, or (2) install the Gixen desktop client (which uses your computer's resources to check the status of eBay auctions).

There are several threads that discuss this, for example this thread.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:13 pm    Post subject: Gixen status info not up-to-date

When I look at my bids' Current status in Gixen, it is not accurate. E.g., right now I have a bid in the Gixen queue for item 123842676482. Gixen is showing the current bid is $55.00, when in fact (if you go to the eBay site), the current bid is $77.00. Is there any way to fix this?

This is kind of important, because I have 4 different bids active on the same type of phone I want to buy. I login to Gixen to see how I'm doing. Based on Gixen info, I would not revise my bid, because I'm still over the Current amount. But if I knew that I were in fact under, I'd want to open up the item on eBay, review all the info again, and see if I want to revise my bid upwards.

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