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There does appear to be a lot more 'Best Offer' buttons around these days... and more often they are losing sellers money in achieving lower prices, though of course those sellers are not realising this since they are accepting those offers before the majority of bids were due to be placed.

Ebay are also losing money since they take a cut of the selling price.

I do wonder why Ebay is evidently pushing sellers in that direction given the reduction in returns they are likely to be achieveing from it... I imagine others have a better idea than I do about that ?
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Thanks for the info. I didn't notice that bit.

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According to the bidding history, the seller accepted a Best Offer. Thus, the auction ended before Gixen had a chance to bid for you.
PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:06 am    Post subject: Auction jsut ended but gixen reports 1+days left!

Ebay item....372762745747

I loft an item because gixen didn't bid?

What happened...

372762745747 New Nike size 9 Trainers zoom rotational red TRACK & FIELD (by deb101red (2943))
View Item Description S&H: 3.1 GBP (View Shipping Information) Payment Options: PayPal

Time To End: 1 d, 5 h, 6 m 26.80 19.99 GBP (0 bids) SCHEDULED

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