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Just to add to what Mark said: The winning bidder made four bids, each higher than the previous one. Since eBay only displays a high bidder's bid as one increment more than the second highest bidder's bid, we only see that the high bidder made four bids higher than the second highest bid.

Some bidders do this to discourage other bidders from bidding since it will appear (as Mark pointed out) that they are entering successively higher bids. Of course, sometimes this is a bluff and the actual bids may be mere pennies apart.

As Mark also pointed out, since Gixen only bids once within seconds of the end of the auction, those bids could not have come from Gixen. In fact, entering your bid on Gixen and finding something else to do while the auction draws to a close is an excellent strategy for ignoring bidding games like this.
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This is the way that Ebay displays the bids when the winning bidder outbids themselves multiple times and no other bidder bids amounts greater than the lowest of them.

The timing on all the bids on that auction indicates that none of them were sent from a Gixen server.

What status do you have on this snipe both on the Main and the Mirror tabs ?
PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:36 pm    Post subject: why same amount winning bid and 4 different hours of biddin

Bay item number:283643605075.
Luckyly I gave up bidding on this one, too high
FOUR winning bid make no sense for me
PLEASE explain this
the first 2 could be Gixen mirror ?
but then I WAS won !
WHY 2 other hours of bidding, about 40 mn later, 13 second spaced ?

I plan to use Gixen in 5 days and to WIN but tactics are stranger and stanger

Marie from France

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