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Lost auction but why my bids don\'t appear

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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2024 6:30 am    Post subject: Lost auction but why my bids don\'t appear Reply with quote

In general, for every auction I lose, my snipe bid never shows up in the bidding history - it's like I never bid at all. Why is that? Shouldn't my snipe be in there, even if I'm not the highest bidder in the end. It's annoying on infinite levels, but particulary because I wouldn't even know I lost the auction if I don't think to go manually check Ebay. Again, it's as though I never bid at all, so what's the point if my snipes aren't included in the bidding history even if I lose. Also, so what if I'm not the highest max bid, shouldn't my snipe - at any price- at the last minute circumvent some other assholes 'max bid'? I thought that was the whole damn point of sniping - to outwit idiot bidders who put in their jerkoff max bids.

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PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2024 3:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The whole point of sniping is to protect you from anyone REACTING to your bid being placed by not allowing them enough time to do so.

On Ebay the highest accepted bid always wins, so if someone else decides to place a bid that is higher than yours, particularly if they actually register it on Ebay before you, you won't win.

If your bid is below the acceptable bid amount, which is the current auction price plus one bid increment, when Gixen comes to place that bid, it won't even be accepted by Ebay, so of course it won't be registered there.

If you have examples of snipes you have not won and you still don't understand why, please provide the auction numbers and the status that Gixen gave the snipe after the auction had ended and I'm sure someone will explain, in precise terms, why you are not winning.

In short, just choosing a price you would like to pay and scheduling that within Gixen as a snipe can never be any sort of guarantee that the bid will end up on Ebay, and certainly not as a winning bid... it's much more complicated than that.

The first thing I recommend all potential snipers do is research how much the item you are interested in is actually worth.
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