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chrome extension

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:02 am    Post subject: chrome extension Reply with quote

a single click on the ebay item page or chrome browser would make gixen so much better. having to copy the item number, go to gixen, login in, paste item number, is such a pain in the ass.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:59 am    Post subject: I WOULD HAPPLY PAY MORE FOR BETTER INTEGRATION SUPPORT Reply with quote

Please please please

A chrome or Firefox extension that does what this man asked is what I came to say. I think I’ll ponder over what I personally would want it to look and the functions/structure of menu options etc.

If I get something made worth sharing I’ll make sure to post on this thread. If you made that a pro feature I bet you would see an instant jump in subscriber% just from the people who figured free was fine.

But real quick the dev is a great person. In a day and age of everything being a subscription service paid month to month it seems cheap until you realize all that adds up and for a small business owner sometimes it’s you pay the $50 you need per month for software X and they don’t eat for a while. I tried to buy adobe software because I support devs that do good work but when they got me on that plan that’s month to month it’s worded so well you either don’t know you gave your kidney to them or people just speed or don’t read anything (cough...) and when they try to cancel said plan they straight up stone cold flat out said no. We will get your money and they were not joking and I made sure to cancel well before their date where they automatically sign you up for a whole new year!

Sorry about that adobe gets me going every time. Point is to everyone who uses this service for free you should consider what it really takes to run this kind of service to you. Servers are not cheap let me tell you and add in we’re dealing with an e-commerce platform where stuff is expected to work 100% of all the times. Remember service workers get tips to survive, you tip your bartender, barber, delivery drivers, strippers, etc etc. you really think a strip club would let you come in and pay nothing and still get up in them titties?? The answer is HELL NO. And the point I’ve been taking forever to make is it is $7 A YEAR do you really think it’s that much money when you won 5-10-15 items? By that time this site has paid YOU remember way more then what that $7 cost considering I get stuff I know I would have had to pay out the nose just because I see something posted cheap and I set a small limit usually so low I can believe it and I win those all the time. This software is the only reason I use eBay and I wish it had more features like probably a lot of you. If we have extensions for chrome it would make being able to cast nets of bids so much less of a struggle I would pay more.

I mean I’m dumbfounded and I hope that people use this like they should as a free trial and after they win and see how much better in every way it is. Pay the man, buy him a pack of beer for not being like everyone else where they give you the alpha for $10 and then you get the beta version at $20 until you realize you can do anything until you pay some absurd #.

Now first off if anyone reads this I’ll be amazed and I tend to ramble and rant late at night so I apologize but I’m leaving it A because I’ve been typing for this long no way I’m throwing my novel in the trash. I would love to have a chat with whomever is the sysadmin or other team members if this is open source I’m not sure but I know that this service is way to cheap. Now people will probably disagree but,... hear me out.

Step 1 is do nothing Everything is great as it stands and I love the way The user can take the time they need, to come to the conclusion that it’s damn well worth the price of admissio. Freeloaders and Premium users will still get mirror like nothing changed.
The final step is to make a third tier that’s pimped out with things for people that value good software tools

My recommendations are and in no order

[8==Support mobile with better apps for both android and iOS and if possible desktop apps for Mac to cozy up to the current one on Pc[\D]
<b>#Plugins for chrome & Firefox that let you see what you would normally see under add bid. Essentially exactly what the person above said one click bidding is HUGE and is something worth my next point>
Finally all about the beng step to success €GBP ¥§ [size=18]charge whatever you think you need in order to blast out some updates that increase the ease of use of the platform while adding more features geared towards quick bids and being able to stay searching or an ability to bid so fast you out snipe the sniper like in that movie[/size

Take some time and resources needed to give the site a facelift, add a few of the most top requested features/changes and people will gladly pay for the convienence from my experience. Honestly have nothing bad to say, it’s always worked and I really like your price point and payment strategy because it is perfect to implement. Just give the people who love you because they don’t want you to have to go back to the streets, winter us coming remember. making another exclusive teir people who feel they could benefit from doing stuff faster and better will be like yeah I won’t go to get coffee from Starbucks for a day and I’ll be set until next year. I personally made the massive hit to my portfolio by my gixen bill into clear in the black profits within a week. And that’s directly from profits I never would have been awake to bid on or on and on.

If there’s anything I can do to help I would love to submit some write ups and UI mockups that could aim in helping fiigure out how we the community can work to help you the dev want us to give you more money.

Im willing to help hopefully obviously by this thread and my illness that made me spend 4 hours typing in a bbcode box on an iPad with on screen keys only. if you wanna talk features and ideas I have when I’m not over tired and medicated let me know!

Please if you enjoy the site and make money using it but think there is some new feature that you would pay more for throw it on in because I can’t be the only one that thinks this would be the best thing ever. If it meant doubling the premium price even that I’d do in a heart beat for the things above.

TLDR: freeloaders = bad, cia mind control is real, and more features more faster means I pay more money gladly. Razz
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is already a plugin for Firefox.
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