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Not new to Ebay, but brand new to sniping

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:21 am    Post subject: Not new to Ebay, but brand new to sniping Reply with quote

I'm sure Mario and the Gixen community has heard this before but GIXEN IS AWESOME! Nope, I can't say AWESOME because that would be an understatement!

I just discovered sniping services a couple of weeks ago. I tried the free snipes from the "big boys" that bubble to the top of a google search. The one free snipe from one service and the four snipes a month from the other service worked and were fun, but the real value of automated sniping didn't take hold with me because those "big boys" instantly wanted into my wallet after that.

It was just dumb luck that I found a review out of the UK that compared snipers. That reviewer said "You must try Gixen!" so I did, and I'm hooked and saving money on auctions all the way to the poor house.

It was only a few days and some auction wins later that I subscribed, I signed right up! The added features are very nice and I enjoy every one, every day for a year for the same price as a single Big Mac, fries and a coke.

It's always amazed me how some how some technology people get to become Billionaires simply duplicating what already existed (I mean, we had Myspace back in the day, was Facebook so revolutionary that Zuckerberg is now worth 56.1 Billion?) - while the people that program truly valuable software that flies rockets into space, manage and control life saving medical & emergency devices, and gives us little guys a tool to manage auctions - those folks work day in and day out (like we all do) just hoping to make a decent wage, not go broke, and have a nice 401k at the end of their run.
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