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Some website pages need a bit of a tidy up

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 8:23 am    Post subject: Some website pages need a bit of a tidy up Reply with quote

Just while I come across them again:

1> Selecting the 'FAQ' tab removes the 'Community' tab, you have to select one of the other tabs to get it back. It's also missing from the page you get to after selecting the 'Sign Up' button from anywhere.

2> Again on the page that you get to after selecting the 'Sign Up' button there are still three links : Deutsch Espa�ol Fran�ais

All of which now lead to '404 Not Found' pages.

3> The 'Sign Up' button itself is missing from the 'Community' tab, though it is available on all the others, which just seems odd.

4> Further to the discussion on this thread: The Gixen Desktop Manager links on the Home page/tab are not https links but I think they can be now ? Similarly on the 'Contact' tab the forum links could, I think, be https. Also on the FAQ tab the 'See comparison with other sniping services here.' should now be an https link. Again on the FAQ page there's another 'Gixen forum' near the bottom of the page that probably deserves a similar update.

5> On the 'Terms' tab the sentence 'Your eBay's username and password are required only to place a bid on an auction site, and your password is deleted from the system 48 hours after your bid is placed.' no longer reflects the service provided since Ebay passwords are not required any more.

6> Back on the FAQ tab the line 'Do not use Bid Assistant together with Gixen groups, these two are not compatible and using them both will cause your snipes to fail.' I think is redundant since I think Ebay discontinued the 'Bid Assistant' software, or am I wrong ?

7> Still on the FAQ tab, the list of available offsets 'choose 3, 6 (default), 8, 10, 12 or 15' has now been extended, by popular demand, to any whole number between 2 and 15.

8> FAQ page again; '(except for Dutch auctions)' and 'An important exception are Dutch (multiple-item) auctions, in which you pay what you enter (provided you win)' are also redundant since Ebay discontinued that format many years ago.

9> Lastly on the FAQ page:

'It says you use SSL but when I was logging in, I do not see a padlock symbol. Does this mean my credentials are at risk?

No. The login IS secure - what matters is the target page, not the login page. When you click on "Log in Now" your user ID and password are sent to a secure page, where a session ID is generated. Your session is then forwarded back to regular http with this session id, so your password is never compromised. Many other services work in a similar way.'

can now be removed as https is now accepted/used on all pages ?

10> I'm sure I've missed some, so perhaps this thread can act as a holder for any more little updates that people notice as they browse around the site, with an indication as to the amount of detail it would be useful to have in order to track those last few down and make the site look even more professional and up to date ... Smile
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