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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY service is not affiliated with eBay in any way.

Use the Gixen sniper service at your own risk. Although we have every confidence that Gixen will perform correctly, there are no guarantees of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, that it can happen that Gixen fails to submit your bids on Ebay. If you need to bid on an item that is not replaceable for you, place your bid directly on eBay.

Privacy policy

Gixen may store the following information about users:

1) Personal information: Username, Name, Email address, Postal address, eBay username, Transaction / Bid history, Payment history.

2) At the request of the user, the following personal information can be deleted: Username, Name, Email address, Postal address (except country and zip/postal code) and eBay username from all records in the Gixen database.

Note that bid and transaction history (e.g. payments made by user) will not be completely deleted for compliance, taxation, analytics and statistics reasons. They will, however, be made unidentifiable, e.g. upon account deletion Gixen will still know it made a bid on an auction, but not on whose behalf. Likewise, it will know the amount of payment made to Gixen, the country and zip code of the payer, but not his/her name, email address, full postal address, username or eBay username. Gixen has no way of deleting payment information on the payment processor side (e.g. paypal), only from its own database.

Gixen will never distribute any of the personal information gathered, to any third party, except eBay and law enforcement if requested.

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